The run leg off the bike in Triathlon race events has the most potential for improvement and a reduction in overall race time. But it often reveals very poor running form and poor preparation. This can be due to very hit and miss training workouts for Sprint, Olympic or Ironman distances.

In 2009 Athlonrunning and Triasia Ltd (www.triasia.hk) held a successful inaugural Tricamp to prepare triathletes for the Laguna Phuket Triathlon. Athlonrunning gave a series of presentations and practical run training sessions which included the performance testing and video analysis of running form for which Athlonrunning has become well known.

Since then Athlonrunning has developed a run training program for triathletes which offers the benefits of a more structured and form-based approach.The sessions can be planned in collaboration with the triathlete’s principal coach or with the bike and swim coaches.This unique input of expertise maximizes the potential for improvement in the event and is the way of the future for Triathlon training.


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