After some years in South East Asia coaching with the Vietnamese and Singapore national athletics teams and the Singapore Sports School, I have relocated to the UK. I am now based in North London and conduct personalised coaching and training groups from Parliament Hill Fields running track and Hampstead Heath.

The AthlonMethod© emphasizes technical improvement, running form and economy and makes use of an initial on track video slow motion analysis and a 5k performance test before designing  a personalised training program appropriate for the athlete’s race targets. I also coach Triathletes who wish to improve the run leg off the bike and have had good success over the past few years assisting athletes of all ages from Junior to Masters to achieve personal best performances.

As a current level 4 (ATFCA) coach, I use up to date, proven training methods incorporating strength and conditioning drills and can assist all performance levels to improve their race times.

I look forward to helping you achieve your race goals.

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